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odoo qweb create custome external_layout

create new module

    <template id="extend_layout">
       <t t-if="o and 'company_id' in o">
           <t t-set="company" t-value="o.company_id"></t>
       <t t-if="not o or not 'company_id' in o">
           <t t-set="company" t-value="res_company"></t>
       <t t-call="report_delivery_slip.report_header" />
       <!-- <t t-raw="0" /> -->
       <!-- <t t-call="report.external_layout_footer" /> -->

   <template id="report_header">
       <div class="header">
            Your Report Header

   <template id="report_footer">
       <div class="footer">
           Your Report Footer

how to use ?

<t t-call="module_name.extend_layout">
     your report goes here